Letter from one of my patients

July 31, 2015
LifeRock Medical Transportation
409 Minisink Road
Totowa, NJ

I just want to thank you for the outstanding service you provided
for my wife Josephine over the last several years.

You transported her to her dialysis center and back home in all
kinds of weather conditions and were always there on time for her
5am pickup at our home in Highland Lakes NJ which is on a two lane
country road. You even showed up early when there was snow as to
make sure she arrived on time at the facility.

Your staff was always professional and due to her medical conditions
checked her vital signs as soon as she entered the ambulance. You also
had oxygen ready if she needed it.

I really am greatful for you staff noticing her having difficulty breathing
during two of the transports and bringing her directly to the hospital.

I know I have thanked you verbally several times but I felt the need to
put it in writing.

Thank you,

Tony Masino